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Thought Sutra movement

Thought Sutra is an ecosystem of creators: storytellers, promoters, learners, investors and entrepreneurs making creation accessible.

Creative inspiration

Work with our experts and make your creative discoveries. Fiddle and experiment for your passion, career and everything in between.

Thriving community

Grow your tribe on our forums and social media groups. The Thought Sutra Community needs your voice and we’d love for you to share it with the world.

Live sessions

Get guidance, personalized learning plans, career advice from our instructors. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced creator, take your skills to the next level.

Expert instructors

Learn from thought leaders who have mastered their art and are excited to share their thoughts and tools with you. They teach the way you love to learn.

Simple and affordable

Stay engaged with challenges, courses and live events on our technology enabled platform at affordable prices.

Give Back

Share your passion with aspiring creatives, it's rewarding in more ways than one. By teaching on Thought Sutra, you can grow your tribe, give back and earn money.

Our Story

We see creation as a beginning, not an end – a light bulb moment of bursting onto the page/canvas/stage, but only the first step in a potentially long journey.
Think about it; from the moment we struck fire, we met our challenges with creative tools. How, then, do we sustain this creativity? Be it to problem-solve, express ourselves or make our dreams come true. Can the momentary creativity of an individual be translated into a movement sustainable over the long term?The answer's an emphatic yes! Actions, when directed as an act of creation, can be a force of growth, empowerment and social change.
As amateur artists, we wished Thought Sutra existed – a sustainable ecosystem that celebrated creation. Plus, our country with a billion people is losing its way slowly and steadily and we are not okay with that. It’s high time the Indian culture got an injection of artistic thought and we aspire to do/be just that.

Thought Sutra

As we build this ecosystem, we have a unique opportunity. We are the changemakers in our industry. Participate and become part of the Thought Sutra movement!

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