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Employee Experience 

Enhance employee engagement with custom solutions.

We design targeted campaigns to boost employee interaction and satisfaction. Tailored to meet specific organizational needs, our services focus on active engagement and measurable outcomes.


Custom Campaigns

Designed as per your requirements.


Engagement Metrics

Focus on measurable improvements.​


Employee Satisfaction

 Enhance overall workplace morale.

Our Campaigns

let mom be.png

Let Mom Be

We launched the "Let Mom Be" campaign on Mother's Day to honor the rich and varied experiences of motherhood. Aimed at reducing societal stereotypes, this initiative created a supportive workplace culture that acknowledges and respects the realities of motherhood.​

  • Diverse Stories: Employees shared their unique motherhood stories.​​

  • Cultural Shift: Fostered a more inclusive and understanding work environment.

  • Celebration: Highlighted the special occasion with personal and communal recognition.



We launched "FriendshipLane" to provide a platform where employees can thank and recognize each other. This initiative was designed to enhance teamwork and inclusion by strengthening bonds and identifying social clusters among colleagues.

  • Gratitude and Recognition: Enabled employees to thank each other.

  • Strengthening Bonds: Celebrated and strengthened colleague relationships.

  • Teamwork and Inclusion: Identified social clusters to improve collaboration.



"MemoryLane" was launched on Children's Day as a platform for employees to share a variety of childhood stories, including those about their children and pets, with different weekly themes. This initiative strengthened community ties and promoted inclusivity by celebrating diverse childhood experiences.

  • Diverse Stories: A wide range of childhood tales.

  • Weekly Themes: Adds structure and variety to sharing.

  • Community Building: Fosters inclusivity and connection.


Appreciation Month

During Appreciation Month, we introduced a versatile platform for employees to express thanks using messages, videos, photos, and audio. This initiative aimed to enhance morale and connections by promoting a culture of gratitude, ultimately boosting motivation and fostering a supportive work environment.

  • Diverse Expression: Allows gratitude through multiple formats.

  • Enhance Connections: Strengthens team bonds.

  • Supportive Culture: Boosts morale and workplace positivity.


Sleep Better Campaign

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we introduced the "Sleep Better Campaign" portal equipped with stories, hacks, and self-assessments to improve sleep quality. This initiative aimed to enhance sleep hygiene, thereby boosting overall well-being, job satisfaction, and productivity.

  • Resourceful Portal: Offers practical sleep-improvement tools.

  • Boost Well-being: Enhances health, satisfaction, and productivity.

  • Awareness: Promotes better sleep hygiene.


Retail Employee Day

On Retail Employee Day, we introduced the Brand Ambassadors Celebration Day portal, featuring trivia, ad creation, jingle contests, and photo sharing. This platform was crafted to showcase creativity, boost employee engagement, and foster brand pride through enjoyable and collaborative activities.

  • Creative Outlets: Includes trivia, ads, jingles, and photos.

  • Enhance Engagement: Deepens connection with the brand.

  • Strengthen Team Spirit: Promotes fun, shared experiences.


Ethics Month

For Ethics Month, we introduced a portal featuring quizzes, short film contests, and story-sharing about ethical mentors. This campaign encouraged participation and fostered a commitment to ethical standards, promoting a culture of integrity and accountability.

  • Interactive Challenges: Quizzes and short film contests.

  • Mentor Stories: Share and learn from examples of ethical leadership.

  • Cultural Impact: Strengthens integrity and accountability.

music day.png

World Music Day

We celebrated World Music Day with a company-wide singing competition, allowing employees to upload and interact with videos in any language. This event showcased diverse musical talents and fostered unity, creativity, and community within the organization.

  • Inclusive Platform: Allows uploads in any language.

  • Talent Showcase: Highlights diverse musical interests.

  • Community Building: Strengthens unity and creativity.

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