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There is no one-size-fits-all solution for mental health, and that’s why Thought Sutra strives to cover an employee’s every personal and professional need.

How we apply this

We work with you to support your people. By empowering employees with tools that enable them to flourish in work and life, and gathering meaningful mental health data to inform your wellbeing strategy, you can improve organisational performance, culture, and reputation.


We provide proactive resources that help employees to measure and improve their mental wellbeing across all areas of life.


We give actionable mental health insights to help improve performance, culture, and reputation.

Thought Sutra Index

MHWB assessment

The Thought Sutra index is a clinically validated self-report assessment of mental health and well-being. It enables employees and organisations to identify challenges, spot patterns, and take action toward improving well-being.

Detect emerging and existing symptoms

Increase understanding of emotions


Daily Mood Diary

Check-in is a mood tracker that enables employees to capture their thoughts and feelings day to day, increasing awareness and helping us to triage them to the right support and care on the platform.

Monitor mood or other symptoms 

Make links between thoughts, feelings and behaviours

Mental Health Coaches

Thought Sutra’s belief is that anyone can benefit from working with a coach, and some people need therapy in addition to or instead of coaching.


Facilitated Live Sessions

Circles are designed to be spaces for us to collectively learn, grow, and connect across topics that impact our day-to-day lives.

Join a safe space

Choose a format that works best for you

Learn new skills and take action

Access top care professionals


Self-paced programs

Weaving together multimedia learning, guided exercises, optional coaching, and Circles for support, every series offers the flexibility of a self-paced program with structured lessons that take the guesswork out of the wellness journey.

Built by therapists for better outcomes

Developed for today's hectic lifestyles


In-the-moment exercises

From mindfulness meditations to breathing exercises, sleep melodies to storytelling, yoga to healthy recipes, our tools can help you to relax, focus, unwind, and live more mindfully.

They are in-the-moment exercises designed to boost everyday wellbeing in a way that's targeted, creative & impactful.

 A gym for your mind, in your pocket.


Expressions of gratitude

Authentic compliments boost positivity - not just for the person who receives them but also for the one expressing.
Appreciate is an authentic way to bring company values to life while cultivating a sense of camaraderie.

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