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Why we research

There has been an explosion of research evaluating the use of digital mental health tools in the past decade, despite these tools being relatively new technologies. Research has shown that mental health apps can improve stress, sleep, burnout, depression, anxiety, wellbeing, and job performance in those who use them.

There are still many research questions unanswered, and only 5% of mental health apps have been evaluated.

Our goal at Thought Sutra is to reverse this trend. To improve the lives of our users, we rigorously evaluate our platform and ensure it is supported by evidence. Insights gained from research help us develop our products and enhance our users' experiences.

The four pillars of Our Research mission

Generate robust empirical evidence

Using research-based practices along the way, we evaluate the impact of our platform to generate empirical evidence.

Continually evolve our product

Through our studies, we identify the most effective and engaging features, helping us continuously improve our platform.

Remain at the forefront of research

Using the data and resources at our disposal, we're using research to advance our broad scientific understanding of mental health.

Offer transparency across our methods and findings

Regardless of our learning, we strive to make our findings and methods widely accessible.

Our Experts

Adwaita Deshmukh

People Scientist

Adwaita is a People Science expert. When she's not dabbling in human & organizational behavior, she can be found inflicting her love for cooking onto her family.

Smruti Deshpande

Head of Care

Smruti's first loves are psychotherapy and counseling. She lives to read and reads just about anything she can get her hands on.

Our Approach to Research

Our approach was developed with multiple pieces of research and findings and comprises the following pillars

Efficacy and effectiveness studies

Our platform is evaluated through randomized controlled trials designed to evaluate its impact on employee mental health and wellbeing, as well as organizational performance.

Psychometrics studies

As part of our platform, we draw on the current science behind psychological assessments to ensure that it measures mental well-being and health in a reliable, credible and robust manner.

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