Beyond The Asana

To help urban office goers build a better lifestyle and rid themselves of various new-age diseases, Garima has curated a special yoga course that will address all possible concerns.

Our life during these times has become virtual. It has given rise to a number of health issues.

  • Lifestyle disorders like backache, knee troubles, PCOD, and sleep disorders.
  • Mental health issues like anxiety and excess tension.
  • General Lethargy and laziness.
  • Unnatural weight gain

Keeping these in mind, we are pleased to have a course by
 Garima Kohli, Yoga: Beyond The Asana  to make your physical life a healthy life.

Why this course?


Learn to integrate yoga into your everyday life. Peace and joy will not be far behind.

The instructor, Garima, will take you through different series of sookshma kriyas, asanas with breath sync, pranayama, and mudras with variations to suit all levels and ages of learners.

These sessions will help you strengthen and tone your body, make it flexible, release tension, and establish a healing mind-body connection.
You will also develop an excellent understanding of the principles of yogic kriyas to reap maximum benefits from your practice.

Meet Our Facilitator

Garima Kohli

Garima Kohli is a Delhi-based yoga teacher. Her teachings have served as the gateway for hundreds of thousands of people to discover the life-changing benefits of a consistent yoga practice.

Course Curriculum

The importance of yoga during this pandemic can't be understated. It helps us build a strong physical, mental and spiritual health system. When combined with breathing and meditation, it acts as the best element to take care of our mind, body and soul.

From back trouble, PCOD, and other hormonal disorders to shedding that persistent body fat and regaining the glow that’s gone missing from your skin, she will help the learners address it all over the course of four weeks. As a welcome bonus, learners will get to experience a thoughtful blend of traditional and modern yoga styles during these sessions.

Preparatory focused breathing/centering
Sookshma kriyas/Full body warm-up
Asanas(with variations)
Pranayam & mudras

Essentials for this Course

Yoga mat, small cushion, a thin folded blanket, water bottle, comfortable yoga attire like leggings, track pants, t-shirt, tank top, face towel, and a beautiful smile.

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