Click: Photography Basics

About the Artist:

Delhi-based Ashish Sahoo studied sculpture at the Kala Bhavan, Visva Bharati University, Shantiniketan, India. After completing his B.F.A., he moved to New Delhi for his M.F.A (College Of Art) where he started experimenting with the materials, starting from video to sound. His works are mostly interactive as he likes his viewer to be the constant participants with his work.
Belonging to a filmmaker family, he was well acquainted with both moving and still images. He started his photographic career soon after his M.F.A where he rejected the digital medium and started his research on the analog medium. He researched one of the mid-18th-century processes of photography called wet plate collodion. He shoots only on film and through the alternate process.

Click: Photography Basics

Language: English

Instructors: Ashish Saho


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Why this course?


This course will take the average learner beyond the automatic settings on a camera. You will learn how to apply the basic techniques of photography to capture great photographs. The course covers, how to hold your camera, composition, light usage, transferring your photos from digital media, storage, file management, basic editing, file formats, and exporting final resolutions for most applications. You will learn the fundamentals of aperture, shutter speeds, exposure, and the difference between shooting in studio and outside locations. Bring your creative vision to fruition by getting started today and learning how to capture the images you have always dreamed of.

Essentials for this course

Camera (basic DSLR), Pen, and Notepad.

Course Curriculum

Day 1: Introduction (May 24)
Day 2: Continuing the history of photography. (May 25)
Day 3: Understanding the basics of DSLR (May 26)
Day 4: Lenses (May 27)
Day 5: Presentation on photographers (May 28)
Day 6: Reviews (May 29)

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