Do you feel there is no improvement in your photos when you switched from your Smartphone to your DSLR?

If so, you are not alone.
We have trained hundreds of people who felt the same.

Hence we bring to you the Hack the DSLR Masterclass with Ashish Sahoo.
In this masterclass, you'll learn:

How to hold your camera, understand the composition with the subject, and light usage.

The fundamentals of aperture, shutter speeds, exposure, and the difference between shooting in studio and outside locations.

How exposure impacts many visual elements of your images. This is one of the greatest tools of a professional photographer.

The history of photography, learn about the evolution of cameras. Have a chance to see curated history live.

How to see the world as a professional photographer. The secrets behind professional photography shots.

Our Facilitator

Ashish Sahoo

Ashish Sahoo is a Delhi - based photographer and visual artist. He is the founder of Maze Collective Studio - an independent space that facilitates collaboration between photographers all around the world by providing in-house residency and analogue facilities. His works are mostly interactive as he likes his viewer to be the constant participants with his work.

He is well acquainted with both moving and still images. He started his photographic career soon after his M.F.A. He has researched one of the mid-18th-century processes of photography called wet plate collodion. He shoots only on film and through the alternate process.


Join us on August 27, Sunday at 5 PM for a 90 minutes session.

Harness the power of the DSLR to capture the beautiful moments life has to offer at just

Rs. 99

So, what are you waiting for?


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