Mandalistic Vibes

About the Instructor:

Rasika Durge is a mandala artist and has been making beautiful mandalas in different forms through her page @mandalastic_wibes. She expresses her own thoughts and emotions through each of her art pieces. She also does channel artwork. Rasika has been making mandalas since 2018 and she promotes mandalas as a therapeutic tool for self-discovery. When not making art Rasika works as a strategy consultant for nonprofits.

Mandalistic Vibes

Advanced Mandala Course

Language: English

Instructors: Rasika Durge



Why this workshop?


Workshop starting August 25, 2021 @ 3:00 PM.

The workshop will cover: Mandala Basics Theory and Basic Shapes, Basic mandala pattern + structure making, Galaxy Watercolor Painting Technique, 3D Mandala Theory, and Dot Mandala Basics

Essentials for the Workshop

Course Curriculum

Mandala Basics Theory and Basic Shapes
Basic mandala pattern + structure making
Galaxy Watercolor Painting Technique
Creating your own unique galaxy mandala
3D Mandala Theory
Creating a 3D Mandala
Dot Mandala Basics
Creating a dot mandala (Can do it on Tea Coasters)

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