Bolly-fusion workshop

About the Artist:

Yash Chaturvedi is a Delhi-based Dancer who got trained in various dance forms including Hip hop, Contemporary, Dancehall, House, Ballet. He has done his diploma in western dance twice from Big Dance Centre, Delhi. He has experience of 3 years in teaching. Working with Bhaav Dance Company as a Studio Manager and faculty.

Meenal Aggarwal
(co-instructor) is working with Bhaav Dance Company as a company member.

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Bolly-Fusion Workshop

Lets get grooving!

Language: English

Instructors: Yash & Meenal



Why this workshop?


Bolly Fusion is a dance style that takes from many other dance disciplines (such as street, modern, and hip hop with the base of Bollywood) and it is a combination of self-expression, energy, and performance.

Essentials for this Workshop

1) You must be dressed in activewear attire ONLY. Jeans or any other non-suitable form of clothing will not be allowed.
2) Keep a towel & a bottle of water handy.
3) Please find a place with minimal (zero) distractions for the class. Interruptions from friends and family members hamper the class experience.

Course Curriculum

Live class
Introduction and Warm Up
Isolations and Core Workout
Styling and Expressions
Body Movement and Freestyling
New Choreography
Dancing out more than ever

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