Bhaav Dance Company is a Delhi-based Professional Dance Academy that provides a space for budding dance enthusiasts. Specialized in various dance forms like Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Bollywood, Bolly-Jazz, Commercial, Urban Bhangra, Choreography, Whacking, Salsa, Kathak, etc.

Its Instructors are seasoned industry veterans trained by National and International faculty.

It conducts a number of Stage/Studio performances. Previously, Bhaav Dance Company has organized a plethora of workshops & dance events like 'The Youth Dance Program Series, aiming at a talented set of young artists & provides an opportunity to other passionate dancers. It went on for two consecutive years 2018 & 2019 combined with grand performance nights. Along with that, Bhaav has reached milestones of success via its creative ventures like Flashmobs for a good cause, 'The Youth Dance Face Off', 'Annual Winter Dance Showcase' etc.


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