Employee onboarding app

Redefining onboarding with games, videos, and personalized journeys. Foster belonging and confidence

Why Your Business Needs an Employee Onboarding App?

Reducing Employee Turnover Costs

Cut turnover costs by 33% of an employee's salary with an efficient onboarding app.

Accelerating Productivity

Streamlined onboarding improves productivity by 50%, ensuring new hires grasp their roles swiftly.

Enhancing Engagement and Retention

Engaging onboarding apps foster loyalty, with structured processes increasing retention by 50%.

Ensuring Compliance

Organized onboarding apps reduce legal risks, ensuring compliance with policies and regulations.

How Thought Sutra's Employee Onboarding App Revolutionizes the Process?

Engaging Games

for fun and learning

Interactive games keep new hires excited about their onboarding journey

Detect emerging and existing symptoms

Increase understanding of emotions

Video Resources

For easy learning

Offer a variety of informative video resources that provide a visual and dynamic way for new employees to learn about the company, its culture, and processes.

Monitor mood or other symptoms 

Make links between thoughts, feelings and behaviours

Personalized Journeys

Tailored onboarding for each employee's profile ensures a relevant experience.

Workplace Familiarization

Facilitated Live Sessions

Virtual tours, team introductions, and interactive content create a sense of belonging and confidence from day one.

Join a safe space

Choose a format that works best for you

Learn new skills and take action

Access top care professionals

Ready to make a change?

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