Project Marketplace app

Enhancing employee engagement and efficiency through transparent communication and upskilling.

Why Your Business Needs an a Marketplace App?

Career Development

An internal marketplace app fosters a learning culture and skill development, valued by 94% of employees.

Resource Allocation

Our app facilitates effective resource allocation, enhancing productivity and profitability.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Engaged employees, with app support, drive a 21% increase in profitability, creating a positive work environment.

Talent Retention

A marketplace app aids talent retention, reducing replacement costs, as shown in the Work Institute's 2020 Retention Report.

How Thought Sutra's Employee Onboarding App Revolutionizes the Process?


Transparent Communication

We foster collaboration and clarity through seamless communication.

   Set realistic goals and deliverables.
    Communicate through clear channels.

Feedback and Growth

For easy learning

We facilitate continuous feedback loops and growth discussions, valuing every employee's input.

Share consistent feedback.

Contribute to employee’s growth.


Skills-Matched Projects

We help you align employees with projects that match their skills and interests, enhancing job satisfaction.

    Allocate projects based on skills.
    Help employee master existing skills.

Upskilling Opportunities

Facilitated Live Sessions

Provide accessible upskilling to your employees within the marketplace, boosting skill development and engagement.

Upskilling employees without switching roles.

Boost skills, promote growth.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Optimize resource allocation by identifying available skills, aligning with project needs.

    Allocate projects based on skills.
    Make best out of the available resources.

User-Friendly Interface

Facilitated Live Sessions

Maximize benefits with a user-friendly, intuitive interface encouraging widespread adoption.

Easy to navigate.

Simple to understand.

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