Write From Home

About The Artist:
Mahima is a writer, book editor, and communications professional. A firm believer in the cathartic and transformative powers of self-expression, she coaches individuals in the art of writing stories that move and inspire. In this course, Mahima invites you to design your own story along with her as she guides you through the structure and nuances of storytelling.

Write From Home

A Crash Course in Fiction Writing 

Language: English

Instructors: Mahima Kohli



Why this course?


Learners in this course will explore the essential components of every story - characters, plot, dialogue, all the works. Armed with the basics, learners will then write their own short stories using skills learned through a variety of exercises, writing prompts, and peer discussions. 

Essentials for this course

Notepad and a Pen

Course Curriculum

Live Class
Toolkit of a writer
The importance of description
Story, Plot, and Narrative
Developing Characters
Creating Situations

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